SMW develops and builds new-generation rotors to hold large bobbins or spools – able to operate at extraordinary speeds of 4500 - 5000 revolutions per minute (RPM). SMW bobbin holders are crafted to be precisely balanced with deviation not to exceed 2 g*mm/kg

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Ultra-fast winding

Designed to achieve superior construction for ultra-fast winding of all types of thin yarns and fibres, with a particular focus on fiberglass thread manufacture, SMW guarantees its Finfibre and Yarnbe models to successfully exceed in rotational velocity any other bobbin holder on this planet. As a result, these rotors allow for production of thinner threads, leading to more advanced applications – higher-quality fabric, prepregs and so on.

Ultra-fast winding

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Many different categories of yarns can benefit from a faster rotating bobbin / spool.
SMW engineers are available to answer and address any specific questions pertaining
to each particular project or use-case.